New RTD train mockup

RTD will place a mockup of the new rail car in front of Union Station beginning on Monday, May 23rd through June 18th.  There will be several meetings with interest groups for the first week and then it will be open to the public from May 31st-June 18th.  Tours will be available Monday-Friday from 10-6 or on Saturdays from 10-4.  This is an example of the rail cars that will go to DIA on the East line and to Arvada on the Gold line.  It will be 1/3 the size of the normal cars but everything else will be the same.  RTD is looking for feedback from the public on a few different things like types of handrails, seating configuration and accessibility for bicycles and wheelchairs.  The anxiously awaited East line to DIA is expected to start operations in January of 2016!

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