Just Sold: 1401 Delgany St #111 for $512,000


Balfour Cosmopolitan Club is starting

Balfour’s Cosmopolitan Club is about to break ground!  This is the land behind the Riverfront Tower and Promenade buildings that are currently a park and a surface parking lot.  The Cosmopolitan Club will be a high end Senior Living Community.  A metal fence was set up this morning blocking Bassett Circle at Little Raven.    Bassett Circle will be a dead end street for the duration of construction, starting at Bassett & Little Raven by Zengo restaurant. Access to the Promenade Lofts building and Riverfront Tower building garages will remain open through the north entrance of Bassett Circle.  It is exciting that construction is starting.  This project has been in the works for about 6 years.

10 Tips about Mortgages and Refinancing

There was an interesting article on Yahoo about lending.  Here is the summary, but you can click here if you want to read the whole article.

1.  Stop procrastinating and refinance
2.  Buyer’s get moving.
3.  Tip 3: Compare FHA vs. conventional loans
4.  Ensure that your credit is golden
5.  Want to pay off your mortgage earlier?
6.  Underwater refinancers:  Don’t take “no” for an answer
7.  Give your lender a chance
8  Shop for a low rate and good service
9. Approved for a mortgage? Leave your credit alone
10. It’s not over until the loan closes


November Sales in Riverfront Park

RESIDENCE                     SALES PRICE           SF        BEDS/BATHS       SOLD DATE         STATUS

Glass House #315           $266,461              1,118       1 BD/ 1 BA             11/06/12              Affordable

Brownstone #1816         $1,900,000          4,034     3 BD/ 4 BA             11/13/12               Individual

Glass House #2107         $289,900            669         1BD / 1BA               11/14/12               Foreclosure

Promenade Lofts #306   $274,600            966        1 BD/ 1 BA              11/15/12                Individual

Riverfront Tower #304   $211,500             811         1 BD / 1 BA              11/15/12               Affordable

Glass House #1512           $489,000            1,208    2 BD / 2 BA              11/15/12              Individual

Glass House #614             $329,000            929       1 BD / 1 BA                11/16/12             Individual


Glass House #909 Price Reduced

The price on Glass House #909 has just been reduced by $10,000.  This is a beautiful condo on the South side of Glass House.  It features a bedroom on the glass, five piece bath and larger walk in closet.  This home is flooded with natural light and is priced to sell.  Call me at 303-618-3622 to schedule your tour today.

Denver’s Apartment Boom

I came across an article on Denver Infill yesterday and found it facinating.  There is a lot of construction going on in the city right  now and most of what is being built is apartments for rent.  This article will give you a great idea of where these projects are located and how large they are.  Enjoy.

Riverfront September Sales Update

RESIDENCE                      SALES PRICE        SF                  BEDS/BATHS       SOLD DATE      STATUS

ONE Riverfront #705       $780,000             1,478              2 BD/ 2 BA            9/05/12           Individual

Glass House #1702           $317,800              889                 1 BD/ 1 BA             9/10/12          Short Sale

Glass House #505             $270,000             800                 1 BD / 1 BA            9/10/12          Individual

Riverfront Tower #601      $1,225,000         2,632              2 BD/ 2 BA            9/13/12          Individual

Glass House #1318           $471,000               1,301               2 BD / 2 BA           9/14/12         Individual

Promenade Lofts #700    $340,000             888                  2 BD / 2 BA          9/27/12        Individual

Glass House #2312           $1,165,000           2,493               2 BD / 2 BA          9/28/12        Individual

Ink! Coffee is Expanding

Riverfront Park’s favorite coffee shop is expanding into the space next door.  Everyone was sad when the NYC Deli closed it’s doors this spring, but Ink! is taking the opportunity to grow their business.  They will be adding ice cream, shakes and malts.  This is not just any ice cream either; they will be serving Little Man and Sweet Action Ice Cream.  Two of Denver’s best!  The official opening is 11:00  on Monday morning, but if you happen to be in the neighborhood on Sunday, they will be giving away free scoops of ice cream!  Additionally, Ink! will be expanding their hours until 9:00 PM.

Longer Hours for Food Carts on 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall has some great food carts and this summer they are getting even better.  In a new contract with the Downtown Denver Partnership, the hours have been extended.  Monday-Saturday they will be there from 11:00am-6:00pm and on Sundays from 12:00pm -5:00pm.  Additionally, there will be several new carts including Smash Cart an off-shoot of Smash Burger, a Cuban Cart, Climax Jerky Cart and a Maui Wowi Smoothies Cart.  I love spending time on the mall in the summer and look forward to checking out the new choices for lunch!

Glass House #510 Sold!

Glass House #510 closed for $280,000 on 5/1/12.  Congrats to Helen, the new happy owner of this great condo!

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