Crocheted Garden Along Fence

The fence along the Union Station construction site has been tagged with graffiti of very unusual material.  The fence is now covered with crocheted garden creatures like bugs and flowers.  The Denver Office of Cultural Affairs has reached out to a group called the Ladies Fancywork Society to make the construction fence a little bit brighter.  In all, there will be 30 12-foot panels of chain link fence that are covered with the crocheted artwork.  It’s pretty cool and I recommend checking it out along with the progress of the Union Station Redevelopment.  To learn more about the Ladies Fancywork Society, click here.


  1. […] This is the most creative method I've ever seen to make a contruction site pretty – crocheted flowers all along the fence. : ) After my run, I stopped to pick up some breakfast to take back to the hotel. Cranberry […]

  2. […] yes crochet flowers on a chain link fence!Check out this awesome pic: think many of the motifs from Beyond the Square would really brighten up some fences…  […]

  3. […] to bring beauty to the community and create exposure for the craft. Look at this example in Denver:…. We can certainly do something like that. And we can learn from the mistakes of others, like the […]

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