DaVita’s Coming to Union Station!

DaVita announced last week that it will move its corporate headquarters to Union Station. They plan to build a 15 story, 270,000 square foot building on the other side of the Millennium Bridge. Since planning their move in May of 2009, they have looked all over Denver for the perfect place to move their booming kidney-dialysis company. When construction is completed, the building will house 450 employees and can potentially house up to 900 if they reach full capacity. This is great news for Denver as the company has already created 200 permanent jobs in the Denver area and more are sure to come. Why did DaVita choose Union Station? Davita’s CEO, Kent Thiry said “The fact that there’s so many forms of mass transit, the fact that there will be a huge variety of places where people can live conveniently and the fact that there will be such easy access to restaurants, shopping, entertainment, all while being in a green environment is sort of a rare combination.” We couldn’t agree with him more!

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