Denver is one of the best! just ranked Denver one of the 10 best cities to relocate to today. The list takes many different factors into consideration such as cost of living, crime rates, number of colleges, how healthy the population is, sporting and cultural events and strength of the job market. The list also looked at stability of a market. Bert Sperling of said “Big booms lead to disruption, and ultimately big busts. Neither is good for livability.” Denver has many perks with the mountains being so close, outdoor activities are available year round. It has great cultural events and is one of the few cities that has all four major sports teams. Additionally, the unemployment rate is at 7.4% down from the national average of 10.2%.

On a side note about Denver’s great sports teams, Carlos Gonzales of the Colorado Rockies was just named MLB’s Player of the Year! Way to go Cargo!

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