Five reasons to list your home now

1.  There are a lot of buyers ready – The market is very busy and serious buyers are ready to move today.  The spring is a great time to list as the summer looky-loo’s are not out yet.

2. Inventory is low – The inventory levels in Denver are the lowest they’ve been in about 30 years.  Without much competition, your house will shine.

3.  The process will be faster – With a strong buyer pool and lower inventory, your home should sell faster.  Banks are also a little slower this time of the year as we are not in the peak season.

4.  Now is the time to move up. – You can move to a larger home as prices are still on the lower side and interest rates are at historical lows.  Over the next year, the market is expected to gain strength and homes will go up in value.  Also, there is no guarantee that interest rates will stay this low in the future.

5.  It’s time to move forward – You are looking at real estate websites for a reason, what is that reason?  If you are feeling an urge to move explore the reason and make a decision if it’s worth waiting for another time or you need to do it now.

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