Gas Prices are Creaping Up

The gas prices in Colorado are creeping up to the $3.00 a gallon mark.  The average national price of gas is already hovering around $3.12.  Colorado always has one of the lowest prices in the nation but it looks like we will hit $3 before Memorial Day.  Last year, there was an increased demand in the state for larger SUV’s.  Experts say the closer to the $3 mark will start to change that trend.  People will start buying more Hybrid and fuel efficient cars to save money.  Another solution to the pain at the pump is to live closer to work!  A good majority of our working homeowners are able to walk or ride their bikes to work!  Just think of what you would do if you weren’t commuting!  Adding hours to your day would be a nice change to traffic and gas prices!  Let me know if you want to explore a move to the city, I would love to help.

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