How to improve your home’s sell-ability

This market is a challenge, that’s a given.  So if you are interested in selling, you need to really make your home pop.  I came across this article on MSN and I thought it was worth sharing.  There are seven easy ways to help your home sell, even in this difficult market. 
#1  MAINTAIN NEUTRAL – Stay away from crazy color schemes, don’t distract buyers with your “artistic” visions
#2  LESS IS MORE – Less furniture makes the space look bigger
#3  THAT NEW HOUSE SMELL – Smells can make or break a deal, be mindful of strong odors.
#4  PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS – Things like new outlet covers or covering small holes where art use to hang can make a big difference
#5  MAXIMIZE YOUR “CURB APPEAL” – For our single family home sellers, keep lawn and landscaping under control
#6  DON’T GET TOO PERSONAL – Take down some of your pictures, put away clothes and mail. 
#7  TAKE CARE OF REPAIRS – Knowing and fixing problems before you find a buyer is always a must.  You don’t want the surprise of replacing the furnase ruin a deal.

If you are interested in selling your home, please contact me, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

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