National Western Stock Show


The 106th Annual National Western Stock Show starts this weekend!  In 1906, Denverites were frustrated that they needed to travel to Kansas City or Chicago to buy, sell, trade, and breed their livestock.   The solution would be to improve breeds of livestock that could live in the dry climate of Denver, create a meat packing center in the West to compete with the big eastern packers and have a convention to help facilitate.  January was picked as a perfect time because it was after the fall harvest and before breeding season.  It was also great to have a big convention in the slow time after Christmas.  The first year it was free and the second cost twenty-five cents!  Click here for the official website, there is a schedule of events and fascinating history to read.  This is a great event with something for everyone.  It will be open every day through January 22nd.  I know I’m excited to put on my cowboy boots and go see the Rodeo!

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