NYC Central Park Cafe is Open

After many months of anticipation, Riverfront Park has a new sandwich shop.  NYC Central Park Cafe has opened in the space next to Ink! where Jay’s Parkside Cafe was located.  I’ve eaten there a few times this week and it’s really good!  They have a wonderful assortment of sandwiches, salads, soups, wraps and panini’s.  So far, my favorite sandwich is “The Park Ave Turkey Club”.  It is delicious.

Paul and his wife Cathleen moved from the east coast with their five children to fulfill their dream of living in Colorado and opening up their own restaurant.  Paul worked as the Executive Head Chef for an Italian restaurant for almost 15 years.   “Our love of food is something that we want to share with everyone.  Every ingredient is to satisfy ones desire for food.  WE welcome you to come and enjoy what we bring to Colorado.  Pride and Commitment!”   Welcome to the neighborhood, we are happy you’re here!

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