Union Station Update

Union Station Day
The Union Station Neighborhood is starting to take shape.  Cadence, the first apartment building, is now open with tenants happily enjoying the building.  The North and South Wing buildings are getting very close and the retail on the first floor will be open in a few short months.  Additionally, all of the retail was just announced in the Historic Union Station.  As you probably know, the majority of the building is being converted into 112 unit hotel named the Crawford Hotel.  Here is the list of tenants that will be open as of July 12th.
  • Milkbox Ice Creamery –Serving Little Man Ice Cream
  • Pigtrain Coffee – Serving Novo Coffee
  • Cooper Lounge
  • Terminal Bar – Serving 30 Colorado craft beers
  • Bloom – Great florist out of Cherry Creek
  • Eatmore Burgers and Brats
  • Fresh Exchange
  • Tattered Cover Book Store
  • Snooze – My personal favorite breakfast restaurant
  • The Kitchen Next Door
  • Alex Seidel’s Mercantile Dining and Provision – Chef and owner of Fruition
  • Stoic and Genuine Fish
The Union Station Neighborhood will have some of the best restaurants in all of Downtown.  Stay tuned as more great places open.

Commuter Rail Canopy

The canopy for the heavy rail trains is coming along quickly.  This week the final pieces of the arches for the canopy structure was installed.  The commuter rail canopy is a focal point for the project.  Additionally, the square piece of land in the bottom left is about to break ground.  1650 Wewatta is going to be a 21 story apartment building developed by Holland.  It’s exciting to watch things change daily over there.


Union Station Update

The Union Station development is moving along quickly.  It’s amazing to watch it change daily. The most noticeable change right now is the commuter train hall canopy that is being constructed.  The large white canopy will house the Amtrak trains, trains to DIA and trains to Broomfield.  On the Wynkoop side of Union Staion, work is being done on the two pedestrian plazas.  Crews are constructing the water feature, granite wall seat, tree trenches and light fixtures.  In the underground bus station the escalators and elevators are going in along with the glass storefront that separates the pedestrian concourse and the bus loading area.  To read a more in depth article about the updates, click here.

RTD Starts Northwest Rail Line

RTD broke ground today on the Northwest Rail Line.  This is for the first segment of the line going between Denver Union Station and the Westminster Station near 71st and Lowell.  The first 6.2 miles has been funded by a public-private partnership called the Eagle P3 Project.  The rest of the 41 mile line which is designed to go up to Longmont is still up for debate.  The RTD Board decided not to seek a tax increase to as the plan was too vague and and would be too rushed to appeal to voters in NOvember.  Currently, there is much talk of the rest of the line being a bus rapid transit service.  To read more, click on the Broomfield Enterprise report.

North Wing is Starting

The first building in the Union Station Redevelopment will break ground next month.  The North Wing building will be the new headquarters of IMA Financial and will be built by Haselden Construction.  The $32 million building was designed by AndersonMasonDale Architects and will be located just to the North of the historic station.  The four story building will have 108,000 square feet of office space with   ground floor retail.  This move will allow the company to grow from approximately 200 employees in Denver to 300-400 over the next decade.  Construction is expected to be completed at the end of 2013.

Vote for Us!

The battle for the development of the Historic Union Station is still up for grabs.  Union Station Neighborhood Company which is a combination of East West Partners and Continuum Partners is battling against Sage Hospitality Group.   Our proposal is to add a market and restaurants to the first floor while also keeping it as a train station.  The other proposal wants to make the upper floors into a 130 unit hotel.   For more information about the two proposals, click here.  I personally believe that a market would better serve the community and support the 100,000 daily travelers better than a hotel.  We could use your help, your opinion really does make a difference!  Please follow the link below and vote for the option to build “MARKET WITH RETAIL AND RESTAURANTS.” 


The Historic Union Station

As the Union Station redevelopment is moving at a fast pace, RTD is getting close to deciding what will happen to the historic station.  This is one of Denver’s first landmarks and is very important to the community.  There are two very different plans which both have appeal.  First is the Union Station Neighborhood Company’s plan to make a market.  The market would have a variety of local foods, a restaurant, some office space on the upper floors and of course a train terminal.  The second plan is by Union Station Alliance to do a boutique hotel.  They would like to turn Union Station into a 130 unit hotel with main floor serving as a lobby and train station.  They believe this will become “Denver’s living room”.  Today the Denver Post had an interesting article about the debt financing for both plans.  I personally believe that a market would better serve the community and support the 100,000 daily travelers better than a hotel.   RTD will announce their decision on November 22nd.  You can click here to give your feedback to RTD on which plan you would prefer.

Union Station Construction Update 09/24/11

The digging  on the second half of the bus tunnel is underway.  The excavation work will go through the end of this month and you can see the pile of dirt getting bigger by the day.  Once the excavating is finished, the concrete work will begin on the substructures and walls.  In another few months the second half will be connected to the first half of the tunnel already completed.

This photo was taken from the 8th floor of Glass House.  To view a slideshow of pictures, click here.

Union Station Construction Photo 9/8/11

This slideshow was taken from the 8th floor of Glass House.  To view a slideshow of pictures, click here.

Union Station Construction Photo 8/26/11

This slideshow was taken from the 8th floor of Glass House.  To view a slideshow of pictures, click here.  You can see cars are now driving down Chestnut as Wewatta St has been closed.  The digging of the other 1/2 of the underground bus station will start any day.

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