W Line Opening

The West Line of light rail will open this week on Friday, April 26th!  This is the 12.1 mile light rail track running between Union Station and Jefferson County Government/Golden Station down 6th Ave.  There will be 11 new stations, 6 park-n-rides, and 3 new call-n-rides.  This is the first completed rail line in the FasTracks project.  The opening ceremony will be at the Jefferson County Government/Golden Station from 10:30-2:00 on Friday April 26th.  You can ride the line for free following the ceremony.  On Saturday, each new station will have a party. Go check out the food and entertainment at all of the different stations and ride the train for free.  Regular service for the line will begin on Sunday.  For more information, click here.



DIA South Terminal

The construction of the light rail platform at DIA is starting to go vertical.  Click here to see a live video of the job site.  Along with the train station is the South Terminal Redevelopment.  This will be a 519-room Westin Hotel and Conference Center sitting above the train hall and a public plaza for events and programs.  This is one of the most important pieces of the FasTracks project as it will connect DIA to downtown Denver for passengers and employees.  The hotel is scheduled to be completed in 2015 with the East Line rail opening in 2016.  Click here for an animated video of what this project will look like.

Grand Illumination 11/25/11

The holidays are officially here!  Thursday is Thanksgiving and the following night will be Downtown Denver’s Grand Illumination.  On November 25th at 5:30 pm nearly 900,000 lights will be lit from Union Station to the City and County Building. Southwest Rink at Skyline Park will also open on Friday and be open through Valentine’s Day 2012.  For more information, click here.  Have safe and happy holidays!

Union Station Construction Update 08/05/10

To see the construction progress, click here.

Union Station Construction Photo 7/15/10

Union Station Construction Update 6/24/10

Click here to see the progress week by week.

Union Station Construcion Update 5/20/10

There are a lot of things going on a Union Station over the past few months. If you haven’t been keeping up with the progress, here is a short summary. The underground bus station, also known as the bus box, is currently being dug out. Over the past week a series of conveyor belts were put in place to remove tens of thousands cubic yards of dirt. When it is completed, the hole will be twice the depth that you see today. The progress is moving very quickly, but will take quite a while as there is a ton of dirt to move. A retaining wall is under construction and going in along the Consolidated Main Line (CML) at 17th Street. This station will eventually be the new location of the light rail trains. Once the station is in place, the light rail trains coming in from the South will go under the Millennium Bridge straight to the station which is at one end of the bus box. The final piece that is happening right now is the removal of the commuter rails right behind Union Station. All of the passenger rails will be removed so that the digging of the bus box can back up the Union Station Structure. The only track to remain will be Amtrak’s California Zephyr line. A temporary terminal is underway at 21st and Wewatta. This will serve as Union Station until the construction is finished. Once the temporary terminal is up and running the final passenger rail will be removed. If you are interested in getting more information on this incredible project, please contact me.  My sales office seven days a week and would love to give you additional details.

Union Station Construction Update 5/13/10

I apologize for not posting a picture last week, I was out of town.  So, from now on, expect an updated picture every Thursday.  It’s amazing to see how much dirt they have moved over the past two weeks.

Denver Ranks 15th Worst in Traffic

In a recent article in the Denver Business Journal, Denver was ranked the 15th worst cities for traffic.  This might not seem like good news but I disagree.  Riverfront Park is centrally located in Downtown Denver and is across the street from the soon-to-be hub of transportation.  Union Station over the next ten years will bring more public transportation into the city and make it possible for Denver residents to not have to own a car.  For people that live in Chicago, New York or Boston living without a car is easy and soon Denver will be one of those cities.  Even though Denver being ranked one of the worst cities for traffic isn’t the best, being able to live somewhere that you can walk or take public transportation everywhere is!   What would you do with an extra hour a day if you didn’t have to commute and sit in traffic? 

Photo Credit:  Flickr

Union Station is Starting…

The final hurdle was crossed before construction can start on the Union Station redevelopment with a $304 million federal loan. This is great news. After after more than six years, this project will finally become a reality. Phil Gogoff the Federal Transit Administration Chief also announced two $40 million grants to RTD. These grants will add two additional lines to the light rail station, one going to Wheat Ridge and the other going to DIA. The significance of the grants show the federal governments intent to completely fund these two lines. Construction could even start this year. All of the funding is in place and we are ready to start the four year project to bring Amtrak rails, commuter rails, light rails and commuter busses to the station.

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