The Biennial of the Americas Starts Today

July 1st marks the start of a month long celebration of art and innovation of the Western Hemisphere right here in Denver.  The main stage will be at the newly renovated McNichols Building in Civic Center.  Exhibitions will be going on all month around the city of art, music, architecture and culture.  Although there is much confusion by the public on where these events are taking place, the organizers are very enthusiastic that this event will take off and brand Denver as a truly international city.  Mayor Hickenlooper has been one of the driving forces behind this event that is scheduled to take place every even numbered year from now on.  Donna Good, the president of operations and finance said “This is the year that we educate people, this is the year we establish it.  Two years from now, it’ll be off the charts.  I have no doubt.”  To learn more about the different events, click here.

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