The South Platte River Project

The South Platte River is getting a makeover in the form of three infrastructure projects. The renovation will be a stretch just south of Mile High Stadium to about 8th Avenue. The first project is a floodplain and bank improvement to the South Platte and Lakewood Gulch. The River will be widened by about 40 feet and the riverbed will be lowered about 5 feet. This will make a huge difference and actually remove most of the areas west of Downtown from the 100-year floodplain. The second project is RTD’s West Corridor Light Rail. This will be running through the Lakewood Gulch project. The improvements will remove the light rail station currently under construction from the floodplain. The final project is the reconstruction of the Federal Boulevard Bridge over Lakewood Gulch. This bridge is in poor condition and is in desperate need of repair. With the reconstruction will also accommodate the RTD tracks. These projects will make a big difference to the downtown and Riverfront residnects that run and bike this path daily. To read more about the plans, click here.

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