Union Station Construcion Photo 3/4/11

Progress with the Union Station Redevelopment is moving along well.  In the last month much has changed.  The roof of the bus box is nearly complete with the last girders being put into place.  The large crane will be done with its work until the second half of the bus station starts next year.  If you look closely at the top of the bus box, you can see the seven forms put in place for the skylights.  The ramp that goes into the bus box is taking shape as well.  It runs down 18th Street to the CML and then goes down into the bus station.  Finally, the Amtrak Temporary Station is completed.  It accommodates people with disabilities, self-serve ticketing kiosks, free Wi-Fi, vending machines and 15 short term parking spaces for passenger pick-up and drop-off.

This photo was taken from the Glass House 8th Floor.  To view a slideshow of construction progress, click here.

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