Union Station Update

There have been several articles in the news over the past few weeks about the Denver Union Station progress.  The Temporary Amtrak Station located at 21st and Wewatta will be ready for service on February 1st.  The new light rail platform located along the Consolidated Main Line (CML) is coming along nicely as well.  The canopy has been placed and is made out of similar material as the peaks of DIA.  The light rail will be up and running at its new home in late July.  The walls of the new bus depot have been poured and the girders are in place to start pouring the top deck.  As of the end of January, the bus station will be completely enclosed.  Once the roof of the bus station is in place, Wewatta Street will be closed and Chestnut Street will be opened.  This will allow the construction on the second phase of the bus station to begin.  When complete, the bus station will be 1,100 feet long with 22 bus bays.  Changes are happening every day.  To see some incredible renderings of the station, go to www.unionstationdenver.com

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